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3 Podcasts I’m Listening to Right Now

What are you listening to? No really, Trap music during a workout? Gospel on the way to church? Or maybe you’re listening to Travis Scott as you make something to eat before you get back into bed and attend Bedside Baptist. The last scenario may or may not be…  Read more


    Plant-based sources of protein

    blueberry smoothie

    I’m sitting on my bed thinking about what I’m going to eat for dinner. So far I’ve placed two pieces of Alaskan wild caught salmon on my kitchen counter to thaw out, and I have some leftover basil pesto marinade I made for my zoodles( zucchini noodles). As much as I love the taste of the sauce, I despise cleaning the food processor. I thought, what vegetable I could eat with the salmon?? It’s funny how I like to make sure I have veggies with every single meal. If you remember here, I avoided vegetables as much as I could as a child, now I love them. Brussels sprouts are my favorite vegetable. Within the last year, I started looking at more plant-based sources of protein! Read more


    The tea on Matcha green tea powder

    Matcha tea

    Happy Tuesday my loves. I’m sitting in bed cross-legged with a mug of red raspberry tea.

    In the middle of summer? Oh, yes.

    I drink tea every single day. I haven’t always been this way. There was a point in my teenage years where I became a coffee drinker and I don’t know why. I didn’t grow up with a Starbucks nor did I stop anywhere to pick one up on the way to school, I don’t even know who bought the coffee canister because we are a family of tea drinkers. This means I made a conscious decision to make my own coffee.

    I don’t remember when I fell back in love with tea, but I have graduated from pre-packaged boxes to buying copious amount of loose leaf tea; that’s what a tea drinker does.

    I know many people need coffee every day several times a day to function. I get it, I’m not a morning person, At. All. I wish I could spring up in the morning all perky like Read more


    My What The Health Review


    So I finally did the trendy thing and watched the documentary all the vegans are raving about, here is my What The Health review.

    To all the vegans, I come in peace.

    I know I’m the most interesting person you know, I figure you’re feigning for my thoughts. Because we’re Internet friends, I just want to us to be transparent with each other. I know you’ve been wondering, and maybe you weren’t quite sure how to ask. I don’t show this aspect of my life much, but… here it is. I’m not vegan.

    *whispers* Even After watching WTH.  Read more


    six benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning

    lemon for lemon water

    Growing up my mom was a stickler for making sure I finished everything off of my plate before doing anything. I used to hate coming home after school because like any normal kid, I hated vegetables. But your girl got smart. I signed up for any and every possible afternoon activity so I could stay on after school. I took knitting for Heaven’s sake! This meant my lunch would consist of Simba chips (a South African potato chip brand), a sandwich and Fanta orange. Would my mother really send me to school with spinach? Of course not! Read more