Why I love yoga

me rolling up a yoga mat

So let’s get a little serious and then we can chuckle later. I have patella tendonitis and a possible torn meniscus. I’ve been dealing this for almost a year and a half. At one point I couldn’t even straighten out my leg. Walking with a limp was devastating. I have my own theory on what happened, but that’s for another day. I had to let go of running, tennis, and yoga.

It’s been heartbreaking not to do sprints because I love them and my body responds well to it. I used to wish I loved jogging but I believe in getting from A to B as quick as possible! If you need another reason to be convinced why sprinting is kickass when you’re trying to tone up, look at the body of a sprinter and someone who runs long distance. They’re very different despite them training hard AF. It’s a preference. I’m not saying I let this get to my head, but this one time at band camp at the grocery store this lady came up to me and asked if I ran track. It was a complete mood booster. 

After breaking my pinky toe (which may or may not have happened because I fell attempting to do handstand push ups under the influence of Henny), I took to weight training. It was the best/worst thing that could’ve happened to me because now I love weight training. I also broke the same toe again a year later by walking into a couch. Less climatic. (I’m as accident prone as the little boy in Meet The Focker, seriously).

Let’s fast forward to a year and a half ago when I finally had to accept there was something seriously wrong with my knee. Truth is, I was lovingly bullied by people who care about me into getting it checked out and going to physical therapy. I won’t get into my amazing therapy treatment right now, but I recently got cleared for yoga a few months ago and it’s been interesting. I love it. But let me tell you if you haven’t heard me say this before,
yoga is not for punks. I did gymnastics as a child, and is it foolish of me to think that I would never lose my flexibility?? And there’s this pose where we do where you’re a downward dog and you bring one foot and place it in between your hands. HOW?? THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. MY BODY DOESN’T GO LIKE THAT.

Skate Park in Old Fourth Ward

Maybe it’s because I’m freshly into yoga, but according to my physical therapist, I’m dramatic. But if you’re reading this I’d like to believe you’re on my side, therefore, you don’t think I’m dramatic. I love attending yoga classes at my gym but on Sunday’s, weather permitting, I’ll be outdoors absorbing sunlight at King of Pops Yoga. It’s free. You can find their classes in the Old Fourth Ward at the field next to the skate park. It’s right off the beltline.

Why I love yoga

1. It forces me to slow down and pay attention to how my body moves.
2. I actually zone out and focus.
3. I pay attention to my breathing. I’m not saying I stop breathing but sometimes I don’t feel like I’m inhaling and exhaling efficiently, which may sound weird. But I really do try to focus on my breathing when I work out.
4. My hip flexors are so tight it’s annoying.
5. I just want to be flexible, and that’s just real.
6. It’s a great activity to try outdoors.

The usual instructor Charlie left to go be with a man. She assured us he’s cute, so that’s fine. However, Racheal from Tough Love Yoga is now the Yogi in command. I’ve been in one of her classes before and it was the first time I felt that yoga is something that I could do! Have you ever considered taking a yoga class? There are so many free classes now that it’s warm outside! So, if you haven’t given it a go yet I highly suggest trying some downward dog and get some vitamin D outside. I’m so glad my friend Essence was able to join me and take these amazing pics! If you’re in the A and ever see me at the King of Pops Yoga one Sunday, come say namaste!

me holding my yoga mat

Worn out from yoga!




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