Why I switched to organic feminine products

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In honor of Women’s History month, it’s my duty to share this. If you or someone you love has a vagina please pay attention because this might help a vagina.

It happens, one day you get a crime scene in your pants. White pants if mother nature is being extremely petty, black if Jesus takes the wheel. Sometimes those few days leading up to it are fine and sometimes you’re emotional, double emotional if you’re a Cancer (zodiac) like me.

I FEEL EVERYTHING. I eat almost everything, bread, more bread. Fcuk gluten. It tastes so good. And then you check your cycle tracking up (p.s. if you’re not tracking your cycle I definitely recommend it). I use this. You can track how you feel, symptoms, your “boo boo”, energy, sexual activity etc.

flower and applicator

As an underage civilian you get your cycle and feel like everyone around you knows. Your mom is excited for you, why? At the time this occurred my mother was out of the country and I was home with my grandfather. So, the only thing I could find was the crunchiest thickest Always pad ever.

I must’ve died a thousand deaths that Sunday afternoon. Then I figured if I lay straight it would have nowhere to go. Lol. Don’t judge me, judge your mother. It didn’t work, for obvious reasons.

You receive a box of loud ass pads to wear. All you know is that this thing is supposed to soak up everything. Whatever is in that thing is supposed to save you from the embarrassment of bleeding on yourself. But mom, grandpa or whoever raised you never told you, or even know what chemicals are inside feminine products.

Have you ever thought about it?


Is it anything you’ve ever questioned before?

Most likely, no.

So, on behalf of your vagina, I wanted to present an alternative. One ingredient for one vagina. Cotton.

3 Reasons Why I Switch to Organic Feminine Products

two tampons and a flower

1. Companies aren’t compelled to disclose the chemicals they use in pads or tampons.
2. Your body is absorbing those chemicals.
3. It’s getting harder for women who are trying to conceive (TTC).

It bugs me that it took me being overweight to start questioning things around me. There are so many young women with reproductive issues who appear healthy. So many women TTC and their vaginas are like high on tampon fumes. Okay, maybe not high, but the exposure 5 days a month adds up.

Here are some brands that sell organic feminine products. You can buy them at Amazon, Sprouts, Target, Whole Foods, etc.

I use Natracare. I have no regrets switching to organic feminine products for my cycle. For me, they work THE SAME, I promise you. Would an internet stranger lie to you? Not this one.

Wouldn’t you rather have a happy vagina that’s not exposed to a lot of chemicals? I hope this gets you thinking about what you put in and on your body and hopefully puts you on the road to a healthier you!

Have you ever heard of organic feminine products? If you use them how do you like them so far?




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P.S.S. – This might surprise you, but I’m not a medical expert. So, please use Google to do your own research and consult with a health expert about your health. I ask mine A LOT of questions!

Seriously, I asked my physical therapist to check me for rectus diastasis (I watch a lot of surgeries on Snapchat).

P.S.S. – Feel free to leave a comment about how you feel about this post or email me if that makes you more comfortable.



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