Drinking + Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal pills

St Paddy’s day has come and gone! Which meant a lot of green, drinking and booze. Yes, the last two mean the same thing thus proving my point on the amount of liquor people drank. What is St. Patty’s Day all about? It has to do with religion and drinking, two things I’m interested in.

So get this, St Patty’s day is a celebration of the death of a guy named St Patrick. It also marks the commemoration of Christianity in Ireland. So, on this day, Catholics and Anglicans go to church. But get this, any Lenten restrictions pertaining to Food and drink are lifted! On this day! How great is our God? This is great for several things.

1. I gave up alcohol for Lent.

2. If you observe Lent you know we don’t eat meat on Fridays. Guess what day St Patrick’s Day falls on. You guessed it.  WHOO! You is right. (OG Maco voice)

So, what I’m about to tell you is my little drinking hack, not just for this day, but anytime you I feel that I’ll consume quite a bit of alcohol. Activated charcoal. When the Irish car bombs are done and you pretty much know the next morning is going to be shitty. And if you’re at least my age, [redacted], recovering from turning up can be an all day sloth fest.

I take some AC pills per the instructions and wash them down with spring water or coconut water. It makes my mornings less sucky and more functional. If you ever take AC please be mindful that its job is to absorb! So, if you consume something of nutritional value then give it an hour before your take AC. Otherwise, that nutritional content is moot!

Activated charcoal pills



 5 tips for an Epic St. Paddy’s Day

  1. Eat. I mean it. You can’t go out there without properly coating your stomach. Because no one wants to babysit you once you’ve poured out the contents of your stomach into a toilet.
  2. Hydrate. I personally prefer to drink coconut water (instead of sports energy drinks) before and after the turn-up.
  3. Wear something green. Why would you not?
  4. Don’t drunk text. Unless you’re shooting your shot. Then I’ll allow it.
  5. Have fun!

Shout out to all the designated drivers on this day. Y’all are the real MVPs.




P.S. – Could you do me a favor? Please share this blog with someone you care about.

P.S.S. – This might surprise you, but I’m not a medical expert. So, please use Google to do your own research and consult with a health expert about your health. I ask mine A LOT of questions! Seriously.

P.S.S. – The role of AC is to absorb, so please be mindful of that if you’re on medication or on birth control!

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