Four reasons why I ditched dryer sheets

Dryer ball and detergent

Geez! It is scorching hot in Atlanta! I love summer because I get to wear crop tops and eat tacos on somebody’s patio. I recently celebrated my birthday and of course, my outfit had to incorporate a crop top!

In less exciting birthday news I completed copious amounts of laundry. Believe me, I asked, no one responded to my birthday request. I don’t mind sorting and loading, but putting things back where they belong is such a bore. Other than that I don’t mind laundry.

It’s amazing how technology has made life easier, you put your dirty clothes in one rectangular box and then you heave them into another rectangular box and voila, You have clean clothes.

I did not grow up with a dryer, we had a washing line, and at one point in time, I feel like an old wire was used. Hey, sometimes you have to get it how you live. My grandfather had two big dogs, one of which was named Teeny. (I did not name her). Apart from running out of the yard whenever the gate was open to let a car into the yard, their other contribution to the household was pulling down my mother’s beautiful African kaftans, leaving my mother frustrated, and the dogs unbothered. In 2010, my mother bought a dryer and all was well with the world.

When I first got to Atlanta for college my RA taught me how to use a dryer. You put the clothes in, add a few dryer sheets, the monies, and voila! I’d been using dryer sheets for years without question. Honestly, I was excited about the whole process because a dryer was a luxurious item to me!

After giving up my beloved Nivea lotion for sweet almond oil, (my lifestyle change goes beyond food), dryer sheets were next on my list of things I wanted to change. Here’s why I did it.

4 Reasons to Make the Switch to Dryer Balls

  1. Dryer sheets are laced with chemicals. (If you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t eat it or put it on your body, your body will absorb it)
  2. Your skin might react to said unpronounceable chemicals. This is particularly important if you have little ones, skin sensitivities or concerns about skin cancer.
  3. Dryer balls and essential oils are easy, and healthier to use. (dassit)
  4. You don’t have to buy dryer sheets ever again! I bought my dryer balls last year and they look brand new. I’m pretty certain you can get at least 10 years on these balls.


Dryer balls and lavender essential oil

I bought my balls from Amazon. Here. Now, if you’re up to it you can make your own but the way my laziness was set up… I decided to just buy them.

All you have to do is put a few drops of your favorite oil (mine is lavender) on each ball and that’s good for a few rounds in the dryer.

You might be thinking to yourself or aloud as I often do, Well, Blu, I haven’t had any reactions to my dryer sheets.

Many of us don’t have visible reactions, but once your body absorbs those chemicals you don’t know how disruptive it may be to your body from years of usage. My rule of thumb is the simpler the ingredients, the better.

The other option would be to live your life sans clothes but I imagine that might get a bit nippy during the cooler months. Have you ever heard or thought of using dryer balls? What’s holding you back from getting rid of dryer sheets? I love knowing that I’m minimizing the amount of hormone disruptive chemicals I’m subjecting myself to. So, making the switch was an easy choice for me.

Let me know if you make the switch or what essential oils you like using on your balls. And I’ll end on that note.


P.s. – really loving these pics! Thanks, Tammii 🙂

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